Onsite laser cladding

  • Onsite laser cladding

    Laser Cladding Corp. supplies laser cladding services, both in house and onsite, to extend the service life of new and damaged metal parts of machines and mechanical equipment. Damaged parts are dimensionally restored with improved surface properties. New parts are preventively provided with optimized surface properties. The applied surface enhancements provide extended service life contributing to cost reduction and uptime improvement.

    Services offered:

    • Surface enhancement of new parts;
    • Repair of manufacturing defects;
    • Repair of damaged parts.

    In some cases it is impossible or undesirable to transport parts. When part size or weight prohibits transportation Laser Cladding Corp. offers onsite laser cladding services at nearly any location or industry. Its mobile laser cladding capabilities enables Laser Cladding Corp. to bring equipment and expertise onsite so our clients get the results they envision safely and on-time.

  • Onsite repair of rotor