Types of coating

  • Applied filler metals

    Typical filler metals used for corrosion resistant applications:

    • Nickel-chromium-iron alloys like Alloy 625;
    • Nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys like Alloy C-22 and C-276;
    • Austenitic, Duplex and SuperDuplex stainless steels;

    Typical filler metals used for wear resistant applications:

    • Martensitic stainless steels;
    • Cobalt-base alloys like Ultimet and Stellite 6, 12 & 21;
    • Tungsten carbide – nickel alloy powder blends;

    Typical filler metals used for dimensional restoration:

    • Materials mentioned above;
    • Low-alloy steel;
    • Nickel aluminum bronze;

    Specific coating requirements?

    In case you require a specific filler metal please feel free to contact us. We are available to test technical and/or economical feasibility of specific coatings. Furthermore, we are always willing to offer surface engineering support to optimize your components.

  • Cobalt based hardfacing of ball by laser cladding

    Refurbished 6’’ class 1500 ball